Annette Kelm - Catalogue

Monographic exhibition catalogue with 48 coloured images. 
Essays by Brian Dillon, Maren Lübke-Tidow, Christina Végh

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The catalogue was published on occasion of the Exhibition Annette Kelm, March  until May 2017 in the kestnergesellschaft.

In her work, which includes still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and architecture photography, Annette Kelm creates images of modern everyday culture using the techniques of object photography, which portrays things in isolation and uniform lighting, thus giving them a new meaning. Kelm arranges various subjects such as straw hats, flowers, musical instruments, patterned textiles, fellow artists, and architecture into balanced compositions. She questions the conventional, unspectacular, or simple by placing her subjects in new and unusual contexts. Often she reveals the artificiality and construction of a picture's structure. The simultaneous deconstruction of composition is about analyzing our perception and our way of seeing. Kelm often works in series and uses strategies of repetition.

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Gewicht 1
ISBN 978-3960981725
Published by Walther König, Köln
Year of publication 2017
Language German, English
Pages 120
Katalog-Format 24,6 x 30,5 cm
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