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Catalogut with 96 pages in English/German

Edited by Julika Bosch for Kestner Gesellschaft.
Graphic design by Engy Aly

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The catalogue documents the exhibition of the same name at the Kestner Gesellschaft 2019/2020 and reflects the processual character of Khan's working method, thanks to which the artist repeatedly goes beyond his original intentions. In it, Khan also commented on his notes again following the exhibition. From a first-person perspective, Khan gives us insights into the personal and political, and into difficult reactions towards his work. Curator Julika Bosch writes in the foreword: "From an institutional perspective, this is not only unusual, but also that mere voice and subjectivity we sometimes long for."
A detailed essay by Bassam El Baroni, Professor of Curating and Mediating Art at Aalto University, Helsinki, also provides in-depth insights into Khan's diverse practice over two decades and what role ghostly entities and phantasms play in it.
Hassan Khan (*1975 in London) is an artist, musician and writer. He is known for a broad and diverse artistic practice that includes music, performance, sound, video, sculpture, installation and text. He is the winner of the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale 2017 and was appointed professor at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main the following year.
His works repeatedly address the conditions we create and live under as a collective society. Khan's works channel what lies beneath the surface. Yet, at the time of the exhibition (2019/2020), we could hardly have guessed the dynamics collective emotions and energies would take on in the face of pressing social problems of our present in the pandemic of 2021 and 2022. Protest marches and calls on social media thus again open up new readings of the "Sentences for a New Order" that were on display in the exhibition and their urgency - think of SUDDEN CHOLERA ("sudden cholera"), TREMBLING WORLDS ("trembling worlds") as well as the necessity and danger of "simple trust" and "changes now".

Exhibition in Kestner Gesellschaft in winter 2019/2020

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